Top Ten Home Remedies For Various Conditions

For every ailment under the sun, there is some home remedy or other. There are a number of ailments or physical disorder where you can beneficially resort to suitable remedies, even sitting at your own home. Below is a list of top ten home remedies that may guide you at the time of your need.

  1. Headache: You can get immediate relief from headache if you put pressure on certain acupressure spots. You may squeeze the web of the skin between your thumb and finger. Alternatively, you may press on the ridge between your neck and the back of your neck. Avoid bright lights. Remedy Source – Top 10 Home Remedies.
  2. Boil caused by bacteria infects a blocked oil gland or hair follicle, leading to abscess. For relief, you may apply compresses of heated slices of tomato or raw onion, mashed garlic or outer leaves of cabbage. Alternatively, put warm tea bag several times on the boil for 15 minutes, each time. Remedy Source – Top 10 Home Remedies.
  3. Tooth aches are caused mainly due to bacteria resulting in severe pain. Oil of cloves, also known as eugenol , when applied, provides immediate relief for toothaches that are sensitive to temperature. You can make temporary filling of cavities by mixing eugenol with zinc oxide and get immediate relief from pain. Remedy Source – Top 10 Home Remedies.
  4. Chilblains are acral ulcers.  A predisposed person, when exposed to cold and humidity becomes victim of chilblains. It is caused by manifestation of severe medical conditions requiring investigation. Chilblain is associated with itching and pain and can be checked by soaking your feet in a pot of warm urine. Remedy Source – Botanical Online.
  5. Bee Stings: First, remove the stinger by scrapping instead of trying to pull it out, so that the venom sack is not squeezed in further. Thereafter, you may apply a paste of baking soda and water so as to get relief from the pain. Another suggested paste is a mix of meat tenderizer and water that breaks down the protein in the venom and provides quick recovery. Remedy Source – Speedy Remedies.
  6. Upset Stomach is frequently experienced in your day to day life, caused due to overeating or due to indigestion. For getting immediate relief from discomfort caused due to stomach upset, mix baking soda with a glass of water and drink it. Remedy Source – Oohoi.
  7. When Chafing in mild state is experienced, apply baby powder on the affected area for soothing effect. If however it persists, you can take corn starch, spread it across a baking pan and then heat it to about 150 degree F for ten minutes. Thereafter, put it on the affected area. Remedy Source – Speedy Remedies.
  8. Ear ache is felt when mucus or pus is formed in the eardrum. For relief, wrap a warm oven-safe plate around your aching ear. In case an insect is stuck into your ear, flush it out with alcohol and rinse with warm water. Remedy Source – Top 10 Home Remedies.
  9. Cold Sores or Fever blister, caused by herpes simplex virus. You may apply a compress of whole milk on the cold sore, sitting inside a room for ten to fifteen minutes. Remedy Source – Speedy Remedies.
  10. Burns: Soak the burned area with milk for fifteen minutes and thereafter, rinse the area with clean water. Remedy Source – Top 10 Home Remedies.